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Associated Student Body

ASB Officials for 2020-2021
ASB President 
Aerin Garcia
A. Garcia
ASB Vice President 
Angel Toro
A. Torro
ASB Secretary
Davina Sanchez
D. Sanchez
Commissioner of Finance
Kiara Alday
Commissioner of Clubs
Delilah Cervantes
D. Cervantes
Commissioner of Activities
Emma Victor
E. Victor
Commissioner of Publicity
Ashley Garcia
Ash. Garcia
Sargent of Arms
Lisbeth Magana
L. Magana
8th Grade Class President
Ashley Galvan
8th Grade Class Vice President
8th Grade Class Treasurer
8th Grade Class Secretary
Shyla Garcia
S. Garcia
8th Grade Class Senators
4 Positions:
Aylin Ortiz A. Ortiz
7th Grade Class President
Leah Barragan
7th Grade Class Vice President
Justine Temple
7th Grade Class Treasurer
Mia Garcia
M. Garcia
7th Grade Class Secretary
Sienna Cummings
S. Cummings
7th Grade Class Senators
4 Positions:
Aurora La Raia

A. LaRaia

Thomas Alamillo


Ilyana Paz

I. Paz

Xavier Lara

X. Lara

If you have questions you can email the ASB Advisor for the 2020-2021 school year: Mr Hutton [email protected]