FMS Counseling Department
Office Hours and Information
 Monday - Friday
 7:45 am - 2:55 pm
Students are welcome to come in before and after school, during breaks, or fill-out a request form to be seen during school hours.
Parents are welcome to call or email to schedule an appointment.
6th Grade: Mr. Corral
Email: [email protected]
7th Grade: Ms. Yanez
Email: [email protected]
8th Grade: Ms. Rico
Email: [email protected]
What Does a School Counselor DO?
We are here to help all students solve their problems, reduce any fear, and contribute to the academic success for all students. Your school counselor can help all students with
Academic Achievement
 Personal/Social Development
Career Development
Conflict Resolution
Crisis Intervention
Peer Pressure
                       And anything else that you need help with!            
We practice the following confidentiality policy in our office:
               Everything you say in (here) stays in here, unless...
                             *You are going to hurt yourself.
                                       I need to keep you safe and get extra help.
                             *You are being/have been hurt by others.
                                       Again, it's my job to keep you safe. I will get extra help to make sure you're safe.
                             *You want to hurt others.
                                       I need to keep the other person safe and get extra help.
                             *You give me permission to share.
                                     You may want me to let your teachers or parents know what's going on because telling                                         them yourself is hard. If you want em to tell, I will.
                              *If you know about someone else being hurt.
                                     My job is to keep all children safe. I will need to get extra help if there is someone being                                        hurt.
School counselors recognize their primary obligation for confidentiality is to the student but balance that obligations with an understanding of the family or guardians' legal and inherent rights to be the guiding voice in their children's lives.
(ASCA Code of Ethics, 2010, A.2.d).
Counselor Is Willing To Talk About
name calling * love * adoption * grades * health and unhealthy relationships * prejudice * race * homelessness and stress about money * coming out/being LGBTQIA * grief * anger * divorce * parents * friends * DACA/citzenship status/ your papers * bullying * death * siblings * self esteem * sex * drugs * alcohol * bisexuality * feelings and emotions * gangs * loneliness * arguments * abuse/assault * foster homes * harassment * peer pressure * suicide * cutting * social media * family * friends * fear/worries * your future * your past * teachers * college * carers * ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ON YOUR MIND.
Teen Crisis Resources Numbers
9-1-1 (Fillmore PD)  (Teen Crisis & all other Emergency Issues: overdose, alcohol posioning, etc.) Call 911 (24 hrs)
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1.800.273.8255 (24hrs)
Ventura County Crisis Line
1.866.998.2243 (24hrs)
1.800.786.2929 (24hrs)
2-1-1 Resource Referral Helpline
1.800.339.9597 (All issues & 24hrs)
LGBTQ Help Line
1.800.367.8336 (24hrs)
Action Family Counseling